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We make android and IOS apps.

We customize SuiteCRM and build plugins.

We specialise in business class E-commerce apps and webapps.



The websites and applications we build are specifically designed to be compatible with all the devices and with almost all screen sizes. It gives you the best user experience and smooth performance.


Got problem with the website or application? Don't worry! Our troubleshooting team will help you as soon as you place the request. Our troubleshooting team is always ready to solve the issues related to the products.


We have the best Developers and Designers who will provide the complex website in the simplest way, most advance application with the Enhancement of smoothness, and Super Attractive Web-App in most Efficient way possible.

CodeTron's TEAM

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Head Designer

Mr. Ehtesham has got skilful hands and awesome sense of design. His designs are made after a lot of thinkings and workings that no body can reject.


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Shah Nawaz

Application Developer

Mr. Shah Nawaz is a simple living and high thinking person who believes in himself and in his co-workers. His simplicity is his power.



Web Design

We know that nowadays if we hear a name of any company or product, we rush to check the related websites and content which is provided on the websites. If that name is listed on the website, we think of it as a good product. If there are good reviews to it, that is a plus point.

But have you ever thought, what it feels like to design a website which comes with a lot of studies and a lot of hard work? We always put our best effort to develop the website to provide utmost satisfaction to the clients.

App Development

As the modern saying states “4 things are necessary for living: FOOD, HOME, CLOTH, and MOBILE”, this is absolutely correct. Because we have everything on our fingertip. From Groceries to Car, we can buy or sell anything on our phone. People recommend having applications on their phone, instead of visiting websites and open it over and over again.

Our mobile development team is trained to work on user-specified products and requirements. With the minimum costing, you can get your own app.

Suite CRM

With the advent of new technologies like IOT, Cloud Computing, Big Data and several others, we are bound to use the company specified software. There are several reasons for that; the first one is security, we use company software because it will be more secure than the websites. And the second one is Performance.

The software is much faster than the website in terms of usability. We use PHP and JavaScropt programming language to create and develop softwares which is very fast, efficient and reliable.

eCommerce Websites

Adding an online store to your website or creating one from scratch is a great way to increase your business revenue and reach new customers. This is especially true if you’re a small business owner looking to expand your customer base without the big budget needed for another physical location.

Incorporating an online store, or in other words, adding eCommerce functionality, is an affordable way to spread the word about your business online and reach people beyond your regular business location.


Android Website Android Android



To get started, you will get a completely secure inventory management system to manage your inventory on the go. You have flexibility of viewing and updating any data from anywhere securely.


One can manage the complete system from all their warehouses and inventories. From orders to billing, we got you covered. Don't have time to manage the stock? no worries, you can still create bills and manage the entry later.


Get hassle free environment to see the all the customer, stocks and thier billing details. No need to manually remind them, configure an automated mail to remind them the due date.


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Ahad International Academy

A school one of its kind in the City Varanasi. This school is equiped with digital classes.

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Pleatfrom Records

Platform Records is a music label company which provides Artists with a ‘platform'.

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City Glorious School

A newly established by an educated and respected group of people in Varanasi..

Sanjar Creation

Sanjar Creation

A Bangalore based Saree store whose website contain some advance features like Chats, Campaign tracking etc.

Admin Portal

Advance Admin Portal

One Advance admin portal to handle all types of products for your e-commerce Website.

School Management System

School SYS

The School management System to manage all the schools needs.

My Darzie

My Darzie

A simple and efficient way to bring all the small and big tailors online.


Prathamvet App

A single platform to maintain and manage all your pet needs.



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